Completed Products for our customers

Since Spinner Industrial Co., LTD was founded , our company has tried hard to provided the best-quality products for many shoe factories. Our products include knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, air mesh fabrics, acrylic fabrics, mesh fabrics, printed fabrics and so on. All of them are recognized by our customers and widely applied on mountaineering shoes, casual shoes, bags, and garments. We focus on quality consistence, and we are accredited by GORE-TEX.

「Greatest Concern for the world」  

2012081301-1To satisfy our customers’ demand, we engage in both product diversities and capacity management. Concerning the issue of global warming and carbon reduction, we continue to develop recyclable and eco-friendly fabrics to alleviate the negative impact on environment and pollution, trying our best to share the responsibility for protecting nature. Our innovation in developing eco materials keeps our products competitive and makes us good fame and prestige in the industry. Besides, we also have a branch company in Mainland China, and we aggressively contact potential customers in Europe, America, and India to extend our business overseas and promote our products worldwide

 「Promised Quality for the products」


Maintaining the high standard for quality and credibility, we will keep our commitment in offering best products and service to our customers. We are also looking forward to further cooperation and partnership with our customers, hoping we can create better future and vision for both sides together.

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